Friday, July 17, 2009

We're PCSing!!

For those non military friends, that means Permanent Change of Station. Rob and I will soon be saying our goodbyes to Fort Bragg, NC and moving on to a new Army post. Here is how it went down.

So I was messing around on the computer this afternoon waiting for Rob to come online like he usually does. As I was mindlessly reading statuses on my facebook pages, my phone rang. It was him. When I answered I said "Hey babe! How come you're calling??" He sort of laughed and I immediately knew something was up and I called him out on it. "Baby, what is going on??" Then he said, "I got orders." I was in shock. He then told me his orders are to Fort Benning, GA and he reports in February. As in, 7 months from now!! He won't even get home from this deployment until mid November. After he told me I was laughing and crying at the same time. I didn't know how to feel and honestly, I still don't. I am happy because it means he won't deploy for 4 years, and he will be home a lot. I am also excited to be moving to a new place and living in a different part of the country although I am nervous about it as well. It is an 18hr drive from my parents house in NY, it will mean finding all new CF doctors, and depending tremendously on Rob. I have a million questions and worries and concerns, but they will all get figured out in time. Right now I am just celebrating the thought of having Rob all to myself for FOUR years!! This is amazing!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats, I am sure things will work out just fine!

    Finding new CF docs or really developing a relationship with then can be tough but if the doctors are good than it makes it easier :)

    And YAY for hime not having to deploy once you PCS, at least for a little bit!

  2. Thanks, Aimee! We got to talk a bit today and sort of set up a plan. I am feeling much better about things now and am actually looking forward to it. =)

    Hope you are doing great. Not long before Laurent is home!!!!!!!

  3. wa ho!!! we will be getting new orders after october. we are hoping for sc! can't wait to leave nc! glad you'll have rob home for 4 years though!

  4. Yesss I know girl, I am super excited about that!!!! && we will be close to Florida <3