Sunday, November 22, 2009

He's Home!!

I am sooo happy!! After 12 months deployed, Rob finally came home last Friday. It feels so good to have him safe at home with me. The first night he was home we went out to Chris' Steakhouse for is our favorite place for date night here in NC.

On the 18th, Rob and I were in the audience for a taping of the Oprah show, along with 700 other soldiers who just returned and their families. The show was about headline making heroes and Oprah used Skype to welcome them all home. We were surprised by Winona Judd coming out on stage and singing "America, the Beautiful". It was a pretty cool experience. The best part though was before the taping, one of the Oprah staff members was getting the audience ready for the show. She was making us clap and get loud, and then she asked people to go up on stage and tell stories about deploying or Fort Bragg or the Oprah show. Rob got up in front of all of those people and told the story of how we met. It embarrassed me a little because I don't like the spotlight, but it was really sweet. Anyway, the show should air on Tuesday, November 24th, so you should watch!

The last few days we have spend cleaning out our garage and *hopefully* getting ready to move. No news on that just yet..

Last night we had some friends over and I cooked dinner and we watched UFC 106. I don't like UFC, but Rob is into it. I ended up going to bed before it ended :)

Anyway, here's some pics from homecoming day and the Oprah taping. Hope you enjoy them! xo

the fridge full of beer :)
i missed him!!
sign in front of our house

Brooklyn missed Daddy soo much

oprah show


  1. YAY!! Im so excited for you!!!

  2. Hooray! So glad Rob is home safely! Enjoy being together again. Thanks Rob for all that you do.

    Josh from Welcome to Joshland

  3. aw your pictures brought a tear to my eye!