Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some bad news...Some good news...

...The Bad News...

Two days ago, my nanny was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 86 years old. It is hard on my family, especially my immediate family because she has been living with my parents, sister and I for the past 18 years (since my grandpa passed away). We have been very close to her and have been taking care of her, even more so these last few years. She is still active and healthy otherwise so this came as a huge shock.

I spent 4 hours at the doctor yesterday with her and my mom. The doctor wants to do a mastectomy on September 10th. She has to go through a lot of tests and get clearance from her doctors before the surgery will be possible. She got some of those done yesterday and has the rest scheduled throughout next week.

At first, she accepted it and said she would do whatever needed to be done. She even joked around that she would get double D implants. Now she is in denial and fearing the surgery a little more. My mom has decided to take her to another doctor tomorrow for a second opinion and so that nanny can hear someone else say that this is necessary.

I felt sad when we got the news, but somehow medical diagnosis and procedures seem to affect me different than most. I guess that is due to CF experiences. I just want to deal with it, take the meds, do the tests and have it be done with. I think she should get the surgery as soon as possible and not have to worry about it any more. The doctor said once the breast is removed the cancer should be gone completely. We will see what the other doctor says tomorrow.

I just ask that you please keep my nanny and my family in your thoughts and prayers. It is always difficult to get news like this and its hard to know if you are making the right decision when it comes to someone's life.

...The (sort of) Good News...

I haven't posted about this much before, but Rob and I have had difficulty trying to get pregnant. We tried for 13 months last year (in between deployments) and were unsuccessful.

Towards the end of that year of trying we started to seek help. I saw a Reproductive Endocrinologist and had some tests done on both Rob and myself. They didn't find anything, which was frustrating. The doctor wanted me to start Clomid, but because Rob was deploying, it was pointless. Needless to say, it has been very heartbreaking and difficult for us.

My periods have been VERY irregular, which makes figuring out when I ovulate nearly impossible. When I was 16, I was put on birth control pills to regulate my cycle...but now that I am trying to conceive and am more educated on the subject, I realize that BCP prevent you from ovulating altogether. I am wondering now if being on them for 7 years is affecting my fertility. Or maybe it is CF related.

The good news is that I got my period yesterday..which means I will be ovulating in 2 weeks when Rob is home for R&R!!!!

Either way, please keep your fingers crossed that next month is THE cycle for us!! There is nothing more I want out of life than to have a baby with my husband.


  1. OOO goood luck.

    Do some research into robitussin and conceiving with CF. There are alot of women that had sucess with it b/c it helped thin the cervical mucus.

    Also make sure that after he goes, lay with you buttom proped up in the air for 15-25 minutes.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Nan, lets hope for a quick and easy recovery.
    Good luck with all the sex you are going to be having ;o)
    Your lung function is similiar to mine I think (40%'s?) and i'm hoping to start a family once I get married in 3 weeks so always nice to see others doing the same xx

  3. i agree with jessica. also go out and buy an ovulation tracker too. there is one sold at walmart for like 20 bucks for 20 sticks. what you can do is once your period has ended you can start testing so you know for sure when you ovulate for when rob is home! if you want me to pull up what the box looks like that it comes in let me know. that's what we used to determine when i was ovulating. sorry to hear about you nanny. hopefully this second doctor can help her with the news. i will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother :(

    I'll definitely be thinking of you and praying for her, and luck for you TTC!! I take Mucinex 1200mg twice a day from day 7 of my cycle until ovulation. Seems to help, since I did get pregnant in April, but did miscarry. Best of luck to you!!!!! :)

  5. You guys have my thoughts and prayers! Your Nanny sounds like a fighter and I hope she has a speedy recovery. Keeping my fingers crossed for everything to all work out and you get to be a mommy soon!

  6. Thank you girls for your thoughts, prayers & advice.

    And believe me, I AM READY!! I have robitussin, pre-seed and ovulation tests ready to go! just waiting for the right time =)

    Will keep you updated on everything.


  7. I'm sorry to hear about your Nanny - I hope the masectonmy takes care of the cancer and she has as easy recovery as she can.

    Good luck in two weeks! It sounds like you are ready to go ;)

  8. There's a lil something for you on my blog :)

  9. I got a comment saying you nominated me for an award check out your confused lol

    *baby dust*

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your Nanny! She will be in my prayers....

    GOOD LUCK this month! How exciting!

  11. Jessica- the new blog is up..sorry I just posted it!

    Cara- thank you for the prayers!

    We saw a new surgeon yesterday and it looks like Nanny will just be having the tumors removed and doesn't need a mastectomy! Everyone's prayers are working already =)
    Thank you all!

  12. my sis had super irregular periods as well. the only way she got pregnant was having sex everyday or more for a whole year. she told me they never missed a day!! can you say rabbits. Also my cousin got pregnant by him being on top and when he was done she kept her legs up in the air. i think she said that's how they got another boy. i have no clue about that but hey, its worth a try. lol.