Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kidney Stone Update

Sooo if you read my last post it mentioned that I've had back pain on my right side. My doctor did an x-ray and urine test to check for a kidney stone and FINALLY called back with the results. I do have one, but it's on the left side. Is that common? Rob didn't think it was unusual to have pain on the opposite side, but I'm not sure. Either way it is 4mm and my doctor said to just drink plenty of fluids for now and call her if I'm in pain (my back isn't hurting anymore right now).

Anyway, tonight we went out to dinner for my MIL's 60th birthday - Rob's parents, his brother and his wife, his sister and her husband..and me. I felt so depressed on the way home and miss him terribly. I can't wait for this stupid deployment to be over.

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