Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have been sooo bad about posting lately!! UGH. trip to North Carolina was exhausting. My mom had me running around for 5 days straight, but it was fun. We had dinner with my friend Hutch who just got married, my friend Sandy cooked us an awesome breakfast on Memorial Day, we went shopping, to church, got my car inspected, dentist appointment and more shopping LOL I needed a vacation when I got back, but it was nice spending time alone with my mom.

Hutch showing off his wedding ring

Me and Sandy, eating Rocky Road Choc Chip cookies I made..soooo good!
Playing Wii Bowling

Mom's turn

While we were away my dad starting completely redoing the upstairs bathroom. It will still be a couple more weeks until it is finished since he can only work on it during the weekends, but it will be soo nice. I have been helping him with that and will upload some pics soon.

The greatest thing about this week is that yesterday was 6 months since Rob deployed!! That means this deployment is half over. WOOHOO!! I am super excited and know that this half will be much easier than the first....nicer weather, midtour leave, my best friend's wedding (& shower & bachelorette party) plus the overall feeling that we are in the end stretch. It is great to get past the halfway mark!!!!!!!

As for my health, the past two days haven't been great. I've been coughing up blood which has been happening a lot these past few months. I see my doctor on Wednesday so I will see what she has to say then.

Tomorrow is the Great Strides walk. I am excited because my team did great fundraising, but disappointed because a lot of my family isn't showing up this year. I know it will be a great day anyway. Will post more about that tomorrow.


  1. UGH I hate the blood thing I am doing some streaking right now. I tend to do that with TOBI and Aztreonam. But full on blood is SO scary and annoying at the same time!

  2. ok so I love reading the word verifications when you submit a comment and the last one was gonicci to bad blogger spelt niki wrong ;)

  3. haha that is funny..and yea the blood is awful. it has been happening so much lately, but i dont FEEL sick...ughhhh. i notice it more when i am on TOBI and also around that time of the month..but this seems to be random. maybe its IV time....